Student Commitments - (7th - 12th Grades Only)
  • I understand that the unique purpose of Hesperia Christian School (HCS) is to prepare Christian young people for effective service for Christ in whatever career they choose. I further understand that since HCS believes that effective Christian service can be performed only by those who are truly Christian, HCS desires that I have a vital, personal relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ, and asks me to measure my life by Scriptural standards of conduct.

  • I realize that attending HCS is a privilege granted to those who will demonstrate a spirit of harmony with the philosophy and goals of the school. My application for admission/reenrollment indicates my desire to become a sincere, cooperative member of the student body.

  • I acknowledge that spiritual growth is never the result of superimposed rules, and therefore HCS standards of conduct are not designed merely to produce a pattern of outward conformity. Because of this, the school desires that I demonstrate by my conduct an inward acceptance of Christ and a spirit of subjection to His Lordship. It is hoped that all students will be led by the Holy Spirit to live above the letter of the rules and standards.

  • To produce an environment which encourages all of the above goals, HCS expects me to demonstrate by attitude and behavior a life committed to following Christ. "Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe." I Timothy 4:12

  • I am expected to live by a Scriptural standard of behavior which is consistent with the principles of conduct encouraged by the Christian community. I agree at all times, while enrolled at HCS to refrain from:
    • the use of illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, narcotics or misuse of medicines
      (I realize that Hesperia Christian School may require me to take a test on a random basis)

    • involvement in immoral activities such as pre-marital sex, homosexuality, or use of pornography

    • swearing, telling difty stories, or using language unbecoming to a Christian

    • acts of dishonesty, such as cheating, lying, and stealing

    • physical, verbal or sexual harassment of another student

  • I understand that in the interest of creating an orderly campus and wholesome atmosphere, I need to abide by the rules and guidelines as stated in the Student Handbook, relating to such issues as:
    • Dress Code

    • Personal relationships

    • State laws regarding possessing fireworks, firecrackers, matches, lighters, other flammable

    • School and Personal property

  • In order to help maintain a classroom environment which allows for maximum learning,
    I agree to always demonstrate respect for and cooperation with teachers.

  • I understand that disciplinary action for infractions of any of the above, which are not
    all-inclusive, may involve detention, suspension, probation, and/or expulsion.
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